Integrated Communication Systems



Airport of Marseille; Airport of Lille; Airport of Paris-Orly; Harbour of Le Havre; Dublino Highway Tunnel.



Union Square, Hong Kong (6.500 apartments); Harbour Place, Hong Kong (2.470 apartments); World Tower e Rialto, Sidney (1.055 apartments)


Olympic Villages

Athens 2004; London 2012


Public administrations

50 jails and courts in France; 10 military and air force bases in France; IUT  of Clermont-Ferrand


Security systems



Airport of Rome Fiumicino; Harbour of Naples; Harbour of Brindisi; Harbour of Catania; Pompei and Ercolano archeological sites; Torino 2006 Winter Olympics; National Museum of Archeology of Perugia; Prefecture of Torino; Police of Bogotá; Mexico City city jail; ENI Oil Refineries; Enel electric power stations


Intrusion and fire protections, integrated security

Unicredit; Poste Italiane; Fiat; Michelin; Ansaldo; Ferrero Böhringer; Enel; Exxon; ENI; Trenitalia; Italian Army (Viterbo, Rome-Ciampino, Caserta, Napoli and Frosinone bases); Police Academy of Rome; Mediaworld; Decathlon; "Giuseppe Meazza" San Siro stadium of Milan; Italian National Archive of Rome; Ghana National Stadium



Cities of Turin and Tricerro (Italy)


Telemetry, gas and water measuring

Liquigas; Aqueduct of Apulia; Fiora Aqueduct


System integration

INPS (Italian Welfare Agency) headquarters of Rome and Cagliari; Milan and Palermo city hospitals; ENEA; RAI (Italian broadcasting company)



Bologna; Catania; Torino; Chieti; Sorrento; Taormina



Aerports of Rome, Trieste e Bogotá; Harbours of Naples, Brindisi and Catania; Italian Coast Guard; Regional Aqueducts of Piedmont; GTT – Turin Transport Authority; Taxi service of main Italian cities



AEM Milano; Enel Bulgaria; ENI Refineries of Gela; Eni Sieco Tunisia; Italgas



Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games; City Museums of Torino and Messina; Public parks of Torino; Pompei and Ercolano archeological sites


Public security

Public autorities of Albania, Colombia, Mexico and Peru; Italian State Police