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Ideas and solutions Smart home

Ideas and solutions

Your smart home

The solution that makes your life easier

Relax and have fun! Control your home through your smartphone and simulate your presence by switching on several lights to illuminate the gate and the yard at different times of the day.

What can you do?

Roller automation

A single gesture to open and close window rollers and shutters by centralising the control devices, e.g. when leaving home.

Light control

Did you forget a light on in a room? Don't go back, just press a button, a switch or a remote control.

Energy savings

Manage electrical loads and monitor consumption of your home, without dedicated wiring and masonry works.

Temperature control

Thanks to the smart chronothermostat, you can easily manage the temperature of your home and reduce energy consumption.


Easily control gates, outlets, electric locks, ventilation systems, solenoid valves, signals, and irrigation systems.

Remote control

A free app to be always connected with your house.

Why choose a smart home?

A smart home can make your life simpler and more pleasant

More time to enjoy life

Save time by creating customised scenarios based on your habits.

Low emissions

Urmet technologies disseminate radio waves that are weak and harmless to the individual, thus keeping your home healthy.

Reduction of consumption

Switch on the boiler only when needed, even remotely, and keep your home’s temperature monitored at all times.

VOG 5W, the smart video intercom

With VOG 5W, you can open your door with custom voice or hand gestures, use Wifi integrated with Amazon Alexa, or remotely open the gate, monitor cameras and manage lights directly from your smartphone.

VOG 5W, a total connection in your home.

App YnO UP

Control your home from your smartphone and tablet with the YnO app.

The Yno UP app is very easy to use and can be customised to suit your specific needs and those of the entire family. All the home devices to which Yokis modules are associated, such as lights, window rollers, automated curtains, gates, doors, irrigation or alarm system, can be managed from smartphone or tablet in every moment of the day and from anywhere.
The app is free of charge, and is available from the Android and iOS app stores.