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development and innovation

R&D: has always been the key to our success

The research and development of new products and solutions has always been our primary and distinctive focus because we strongly believe in promoting continuous innovation, with attention to customer and market needs, with a view to long-term sustainability.

Customer-oriented solutions
International team
Value-added products and services
Continuous training and updates
Smartness and integration

From Italy to the world: we directly design and engineer solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

The pillars of our R&D

Product quality, reliability, design, research and innovative solutions: these are the main assets that characterise our R&D activities. The approach is that of the end-to-end supply chain, which starts from the analysis of the market, to the definition of the technological solution, up to the delivery of the project and the product.
The goal is to create products that are simple and enjoyable to use.

Partnerships with top cloud players

Collaboration with Google Cloud and Amazon AWS allows us to work with flexible, reliable and scalable cloud solutions, true business accelerators, while fully respecting data security, infrastructure reliability and eco-sustainability. Partnerships and strategic collaborations are also fundamental elements that allow us to be pioneers with respect to the most modern emerging technologies.

Innovation and retrofitting

Not only new products and new solutions, to be competitive in a local and global market, but also retrofitting, or modernisation and updating of our products with the addition of features and technologies, which extend their life cycle, aiming at savings and enhancing sustainability.

Increasingly integrated products and services

The focus of the R&D activity is also to create services that bring added value to our products and systems with a view to servitization. Our systems are always developed from a smart perspective in order to guarantee their management even remotely.

Our R&D numbers in summary

+280 specialised technicians.

9 centres of expertise in the world.

13 development centres in the world.

6% of annual turnover invested in R&D.

49 international patents.

9 direct areas of intervention: video door entry, home automation, access control, intrusion prevention, CCTV, fire prevention, civil series, hotel automation, EMS.