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The peace of mind of a secure home

Personal security and peace of mind.

Urmet anti-intrusion systems improve personal and family security, with immediate intrusion notifications and event logging. The presence of a Urmet video surveillance system acts as a deterrent and gives an increased sense of security, with the possibility of managing access remotely.

Thanks to the Urmet Secure App, you can fully or partially activate or deactivate your intrusion alarm system, and view the status of the fire detection systems, even when you are not at home, directly from your tablet or smartphone.

Property Protection

Your property is always protected with Urmet anti-intrusion systems. Greater security for your home and its inhabitants.

Personal security

Urmet anti-intrusion systems also improve the occupants’ personal sense of security. It reduces the risk of intrusion and protects you and your family.

Remote monitoring

Urmet anti-intrusion systems offer continuous remote monitoring via smartphone, tablet, and computer, to which immediate notifications are sent.

Ease of use

You can choose the most suitable devices for your home, office or shop, with simple and intuitive management either directly via the control unit or via the app.

Range Anti-intrusion


Minimalist design and cutting-edge technology, mixed and simultaneous management of both wired and wireless devices, and integration of video surveillance products that can be controlled locally and remotely via smartphones and tablets.

Range Anti-intrusion

Zeno Pro

The wireless intrusion alarm system: an ideal solution for installations where renovation or masonry work is not required.

The Urmet Secure App: constant home security monitoring.

The Urmet Secure app allows the user to thoroughly manage the system at any time from a remote location using a smartphone or tablet. The app can be downloaded free of charge for both iOS and Android from the respective app stores. Urmet Secure ensures the constant monitoring of the system’s status, allowing for its full or partial activation or deactivation.

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Your secure home

A secure home protects you, your family, and your property, thus reducing your financial risks and improving your quality of life. Investing in your home’s security is a wise decision that can bring long-term benefits.

Your smart home

The smart home that makes your life easier. Control lights, thermostats, devices, appliances, and more, from any location. Turn your home into a smart and convenient place, making every moment a comfortable and effortless experience.