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Our history

History and organisational structure

What began with the recovery of electronic and telephone equipment has led to the development of advanced security and communications solutions.

History and organizational structure

Urmet’s history revolves around a tradition of excellence and innovation, and a constant commitment to providing advanced security and communications solutions. With a history of success and a wide range of high-quality products and services, Urmet stands as an industry leader that’s ready to meet the needs of customers worldwide.

Urmet has been firmly rooted in Italy for more than 80 years

and is the main company of Urmet Group, consisting of over 60 companies, which ensure a widespread and consolidated presence all around the world. In pursuit of its international calling, Urmet exports high quality Italian products, and guarantees constant attention to all its customers.

R&D and Sustainability: bringing value to the market

Urmet is committed to investing in Research and Development, and employs over 50 individuals at the Turin location alone, where the development activities for the software and hardware components of the company’s communication and security systems are coordinated. The pursuit of new solutions is also promoted through the constant improvement of the design dynamics, with the implementation of transparent processes and the active involvement of the stakeholders included in the projects, while at the same time upholding sustainability as a distinctive element and an added value for the business and the market on which the company operates.