Your mobile video doorphone


There's always somebody at home.

Ask "Who's there?" from your smartphone, even when you are not at home.

CallMe is the call forwarding system designed by Urmet allowing you to use your smartphone or tablet to answer your video door phone and open doors and gates even when you are not at home: just install the special connecting device inside your video door phone system and download the free Urmet CallMe App.

Why choose it?
  • Compatible with all 2Voice indoor stations and 1722/81, 1722/83, 1722/85 kits,coax and 4+n analogue audio systems
  • The old video doorphone does not have to be replaced
  • It allows forwarding the call to up to 4 mobile devices
  • It allows intercom calls towards the mobile device
  • It also features a RJ45 port for wired connection
  • It does not require power supply up to 12 indoor stations (2Voice systems)
  • It allows you to connect the entry panel camera without a call having been made
  • It is possible to view other cameras connected on the video door phone system 
  • It allows you to view the missed call list


Smart and safe with Android and iOS apps

Urmet CallMe app forwards any calls directly to your smartphone. You can answer your video door phone and open the door via app.

User can easily use his/her smartphone to configure the call forwarding function based on his/her needs.




For new and existing systems, the solution meeting all needs

To enable the call forwarding function you do not have to replace your video door phone, but you simply need to install an additional component: the device can be installed on the electric panel or on the wall using the special kit.





Technical features
  • Installation on DIN rail: 8 modules

  • Device to be installed in a single housing unit

  • Equipped with Wi-Fi connection and RJ45 connector for wireless or wired connection to the apartment router

  • It can be surface wall-mounted using the specific adaptation kit 1083/88

  • Dimensions: 140 x 90 x 60 mm - 5.51 x 3.54 x 2.36 in

  • It does not require local power supply if installed in systems with up to 12 users (2Voice systems)

  • Up to 4 mobile devices for each housing unit

  • It requires the Urmet CallMe app to be installed on the smartphone.


ref. 1083/58A

  • Compatible with all 2Voice door phones and video door phone systems
  • It forwards external entry panel, exchange or intercom calls

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ref. 1722/58A

  • Compatible with 1722/85, 1722/81 and 1722/83 kits
  • It forwards external entry panel and intercom calls

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ref. 9854/58

  • Compatible with coax and 4+n audio analogue systems
  • It forwards external entry panel and intercom calls

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