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Video door phone configurator

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What can you do?

With the Urmet video door phone configurator, you can: 1. Configure a video door phone system by customising the system’s and building’s features. 2. Send by e-mail or download a detailed quote and material list, in Excel, Word and Pdf format, upon completion of the configuration. 3. Download an example diagram for the system you have configured, which will help you during installation.

System for independent homes

To create an audio or video door phone system estimate for an independent home, it is necessary to: 1. Select the dwelling type (single-family or semi-detached) and the system type (audio, audio-video, or smartphone-connected video) 2. Choose the basic system kit from which to begin the configuration 3. Add additional indoor stations, if necessary 4. Download the material list and a complete price quote for the system you have configured

System for apartment buildings

The configurator can be used to customise your apartment building system with outdoor entry panels and indoor stations, based on your installation’s requirements. In fact, you can: 1. Choose the type of system (1 staircase or 2 staircases) 2. Select the number and type (audio or video) of the main and secondary entry panels 3. Enter the total number of apartments for each staircase 4. Select the design style of the entry panels and customise them with any modules needed for additional functions 5. Choose the indoor stations for each apartment 6. Add system accessories (cables, ringtones, etc.) 7. Download the material list and a complete price quote for the system you have configured.

New Alpha customisation function

Change the composition of the Alpha entry panel as desired:

Use the “Move Modules” command and save the preview. This will allow you to view the final configuration of the entry panel as it will be installed.

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