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10 February 2022

Fire functionality integration in the Urmet Secure app

Fire functionality integration in the Urmet Secure app

With Urmet Secure, the entire Urmet security world is now manageable in one app.

Thanks to the new IP interface, installed in all 500 series digital fire control panels (updated to firmware version 20.0)It is possible to integrate the control of fire detection systems to the management features of intrusion detection and video surveillance systems already present on the Urmet Secure app.

The new IP interface (cod. 1043/543) allows fire control panels to connect to the Internet and interact with the Urmet Secure app. The device is installed directly in the control panel via plug&play connection and can be configured in two ways: directly from the Urmet Secure app during commissioning, or through the new configuration software for fire protection systems (cod. 1043/541A).

From the Urmet Secure app you can then:

  • acquire the fire control panel automatically or via qrcode
  • view the status of the system
  • display information about an alarm, early warning or fault
  • view the status of lines and zones
  • manage event push notifications
  • display the chronology.

The Urmet Secure app is available on the Play Store for Android devices version 5.0 or higher, or on the App Store for iOS devices version 9.3 or higher.