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01 May 2022

New Zeno Pro wireless alarm system with 4G/IP/Wi-Fi communicator

New Zeno Pro wireless alarm system with 4G/IP/Wi-Fi communicator

Zeno Pro is the evolution of the radio intrusion detection system that guarantees high safety performance and fast and secure communication. Easy to install even in environments already renovated that do not require new traces on the walls, it is ideal for residential scenarios and small businesses.

The control panel is equipped with integrated IP and 4G communicators that allow you to send high-speed data, voice messages or SMS in case of alarm and Wi-Fi connection to program and manage the system. It is completely bidirectional because it constantly dialogues with the devices of the system, thus verifying the correctness of the transmitted data.

Zeno Pro supports up to 80 devices that can be freely associated with one or more zones.

Smart management with apps and voice commands

Zeno Pro also offers the user more immediacy in the management and activation of devices because it can be managed remotely via smartphone from the My Zeno app

Even more benefits for the installer

Through the ethernet port or in Wi-Fi, the installer can program the control panel also from the web, through the Finder application. The panel allows you to configure each parameter, manage all the information and update the firmware.