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Wireless 1051 anti-intrusion control unit with built-in 4G/IP communicator


Wireless 1051 anti-intrusion control unit with built-in 4G/IP communicator


  • Product specification:
  • Bidirectional radio frequency communication with all devices, ZigBee and 868 MHz connections
  • Built-in power supply unit: 230Vac
  • Range: 2 km in free range (without reflections and attenuation)
  • Internal backup battery with 15 hours duration (average value)
  • Radio frequency connection for up to 80 devices
  • Full compatibility with ZigBee devices (IR with camera item no. 1051/104A and status LED item no. 1051/003) and 868MHz devices (all current devices)
  • Connection of up to 6 IR detectors with camera for alarm verification
  • Recording of 3 photos at each alarm event
  • Integrated speech synthesis
  • Sounder: integrated
  • Connections: IP/WiFi/4G
  • WiFi mode: client
  • Coercion alarm
  • Web menu languages: multilingual (Italian, French, German, English)
  • Activation/deactivation via remote controls, keyboards, smartphones, tablets
  • Three partialisation areas: partial A/B/C insertion
  • Assignment of each device to one or more partialisation areas
  • Maximum 20 configurable users (codes and remote controls)
  • Maximum 10 configurable activation/deactivation/partialisation codes
  • Storage capacity: up to 200 events
  • Sending of alarms/images, e-mail, SMS, push notifications, CID and SIA protocols
  • Remote control via APP (iOS and Android)
  • Cycle of 3 vocal calls for each number entered (max. 15 calls)
  • Call cycle blocking by selecting key 9 (to be carried out by the called person)
  • Integrated keyboard and LCD display
  • Measurement of wireless and 4G signals
  • Possibility to disable fault signals from the control unit not connected to the Internet via the Disable IP/GSM menu
  • Supervision of all devices except remote control and keyboard
  • Radio frequency interference detection (Anti Jamming)
  • Compatible with Google Home and Alexa
  • Compatible with IP camera item no. 1051/004
  • Compatible with the current Zeno Portal and MyZeno APP
  • Internal sounder sound level: 95dB at 1m
  • Operating temperature: -10° to +45°C
  • Weight: 600 g
  • Dimensions (L x H x D): 260 x 176 x 30 mm

Zeno Pro is the new Zeno control unit version. The most outstanding features introduced in the new version are the new graphics for the web configurator, Wi-Fi connectivity, higher number of manageable devices, multilingual menu, vocal assistant dialogue.
The system is two-directional, flexible and easy to install. It is ideal for all residential environments.
Connectivity is one of the fundamental elements of Zeno Pro security: it sends voice alarms, text messages, images, emails, numeric protocols, and notifications.
Supervision, anti-jamming and range signal measurement guarantee the security of Zeno Pro and make the product compliant with EN50131 grade 2 certification.

Tecnical documents and resources

QUICK GUIDE - it,en,fr,es,de,pt

DS1051-309A • pdf 952.92 KB • ID: 657689

QUICK GUIDE - en,de,es,pt

DS1051-307A • pdf 3.93 MB • ID: 657703



DS1051-308 • pdf 5.96 MB • ID: 627058


Declaration of Conformity

CE_02754 • pdf 848.37 KB • ID: 610061



zip 4.85 MB | 1 Oct 2020 | ID: 561958

  • Packaging quantity single: 1
  • EAN single: 8021156073207
  • Base: 280 mm
  • Height: 65 mm
  • Depth: 280 mm