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Multifunctional anti-intrusion control unit with 5 inputs expandable up to 21, 1068


Multifunctional anti-intrusion control unit with 5 inputs expandable up to 21, 1068


  • Product specifications:
  • Multilingual menu: Italian, English, French and German
  • Programming via tablet with Android App 1068set.
  • Programming saved on micro SD Card, to transfer the programming between tablet and control unit or save a back-up copy.
  • Firmware upgrade on devices through micro SD Card or IP 1068/013 interface.
  • System management via Urmet Secure user App (iOS and Android)
  • IP communication carriers (Ethernet and Wi-Fi) and GSM
  • Push notifications, vocal messages, email and SMS
  • Advanced vocal alarm calls, allow specific vocal alarm messages to be sent for individual zones and/or inputs.
  • Management of wireless devices
  • Management of video surveillance devices, via Urmet Secure APP
  • Integrated speech synthesis, resides in the GSM carriers
  • Digital transmission of numeric DC05 and DC09 protocols to security service providers
  • SIM card expiration warning
  • Teach-in of devices connected on the bus
  • Time scheduler
  • Telephone activation of an output without connection charge; using the recognition of the GSM telephone number by the control unit, it is possible to generate a command on a specific output and close the communication after setting the number of rings (from 3 to 9) without call charges.
  • Technological alarm management
  • Coercion Alarm, when the input is opened a coercion alarm is issued, regardless of the activation status of the zones. The input is active 24/7.
  • Emergency signalling, generating service signals when a dedicated button is pressed
  • Auxiliary functions of inputs, GONG, courtesy light and door opener
  • Customisation of inputs
  • Customisation of outputs
  • Dimensions (L x H x D): 290 x 275 x 95 mm

The system 1068 is the best solution to create medium and small size intrusion alarm systems. Minimal design and state-of-the-art technology embody the concept of this new product. It is easily scalable and meets all the needs of the residential market.

The system can be managed locally or remotely, by means of

mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

It is a flexible system communicating with wireless devices and equipped with

IP and GSM communication carriers. It features an APP for the user (URMET SECURE APP) and an APP for the installer (1068set APP), with which the system can be configured and managed.

Tecnical documents and resources



DS1068-044 • pdf 6.32 MB • ID: 628098


QUICK GUIDE (PROGRAMMING) (control panel). - it,en,fr,de

DS1068-042 • pdf 3.97 MB • ID: 617793

FIRMWARE UPGRADE (control panel). - it,en,fr,de

DS1068-043 • pdf 502.63 KB • ID: 616221


USER MANUAL (control panel). - en

DS1068-045 • pdf 2.00 MB • ID: 616250


Declaration of Conformity

CE_02818 • pdf 870.62 KB • ID: 622952

Ref. 1068/005A alarm unit firmware (upgrade) | 0113

Features of the new version: *) firmware update for control panel and devices; **) bug fixing.

zip 1.04 MB | 7 Dec 2022 | ID: 627537

File BIM

BIM file in .ifc format

ID: 631034 • zip 228.94 KB • 26 Jan 2023

BIM file in .rfa format (Revit)

ID: 631073 • zip 750.42 KB • 27 Jan 2023

  • Packaging quantity single: 1
  • EAN single: 8021156075218
  • Base: 282 mm
  • Height: 297 mm
  • Depth: 92 mm