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Smart home range

Yokis UP
Connection devices

A unique range of future-oriented products designed for continuous evolution, also thanks to the use of the Zigbee radio protocol.

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Control and customisation of programming
Case-scenario definitions
Enabling of interaction with the Urmet ecosystem
Use of open Zigbee 3.0 technology
Wireless and wired solution
Management via app

App UP2Pro, a quick, simple, and highly efficient professional tool

While not essential for the implementation of an installation, the UP2Pro application provides professionals with a tool for greater efficiency on site and greater management of the Yokis UP radio ecosystem.
With the new KEY-UP programming interface, connection to the programming device takes place via Bluetooth, thus eliminating constraints on the type of device to be used.
Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, UP2Pro becomes even more flexible, as it can be used not only on Android devices but also on iOS devices, both smartphones and tablets. Using the UP2Pro Installer App, a smart home system can be implemented in a few simple steps, saving all installation data, which will be useful for future integrations.

Relè multifunzione

The Yokis UP modules are hybrid, so they can be controlled both in wired mode, through a button or switch directly connected to the module, and in radio mode, through Zigbee transmitters from the Yokis UP range.
Timing: relays in the Yokis UP range allow defining a scheduled switch-on and switch-off time and adding a delay. It also provides for the following modes
- it is possible to set automatic switching off timing, from 2 seconds to 4 hours
- double timer, with second timing up to 12 hours, with the possibility of switching off before the end of timing
- notification before switching off.

Compatible with any wiring system and existing wiring in which the button common wire is connected to neutral or phase (both 3-wire or 4-wire mode). Operating mode: can be customised as impulse (e.g. electric lock) monostable (e.g. doorbell), flasher (application for deaf and hearing impaired) or staircase light timer mode.

Radio transmitters

A wide choice of transmitters of flush-mounting, key ring and tabletop type, compatible with all receivers of the Yokis UP range and more generally with Zigbee 3.0 receivers.
Every button can control up to 4 receivers in direct mode and an unlimited number of receivers in Radio Bus mode.
Each Yokis UP module can be controlled by an unlimited number of transmitters.
Possibility of sending commands to several Yokis radio receivers to design centralised and group controls and activate scenarios.
Temperature sensor, the TLC1-UP tabletop remote control and all transmitters fixed to the wall in the Yokis UP range integrate a temperature sensor in order to interact with the Wi-Fi connected chronothermostat (item no. 1054/101) by sending the measured temperature values via the GATE-UP hub.

Why choose Yokis UP?

Integration with Zeno anti-intrusion control unit.

Integration with Urmet Video Smart Wi-Fi cameras.

Zigbee technology for communication between modules.

Bluetooth Technology for direct communication between the programming device and the modules.

Installation via app in just 6 steps.

Integration with voice assistants.

Urmet offers the Yokis UP range of smart home enabling “infrastructure products”.

Technical Characteristics

Open Zigbee 3.0 and Bluetooth 5.0 standards.

Interoperability of devices within the home, either directly or via APIs.

Management via the UP2Pro app, with new KEY-UP programming interface.

System expansion via third-party devices.

Quick installation thanks to compact size and no need for clamps.

More environmentally friendly production process due to the absence of resin.

Real reduction of energy consumption thanks to SMARTCHR technology.

Simplified programming.

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