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White VOG5W hands free video door phone with WiFi and 5” display for 2Voice system, USA version (1760/18)


White VOG5W hands free video door phone with WiFi and 5” display for 2Voice system, USA version


  • Product specification:
  • 5" TFT display with 800 x 480 pixel resolution
  • Consumption in stand-by mode: 3 mA
  • Max. consumption: 160 mA
  • Max. current and voltage that can be switched on outputs 50 mA 24Vdc/ac
  • Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
  • 3 operating modes
  • Mounting on 503 or round 60-mm diameter box
  • Operating temperature: -5° +50° C
  • Dimensions: 160 x 130 x 26 mm

Hands free video door phone with 5" colour display in 16:9 format and glass front panel. Equipped with Wi-Fi for call transfer to smartphone. Soft touch buttons with context-sensitive appearance. Equipped with IR sensor for touch-free operation using the “hand” function. It allows voice commands for most functions. Compatible with Alexa voice assistant. For voice commands, both proprietary and using Alexa, an internet connection via Wi-Fi is required. MUTE function, both traditional and with pre-set 8-hour self-reset and ON-OFF programming on a daily basis. It allows 32 intercom calls to other indoor stations and 32 additional activations of auxiliary services. It allows auto-enabling on external entry panel and display of other surveillance cameras on the 2Voice system. Automatic door opener function on call (doctor function) with daily programming. Buttons to call the switchboard and switch on staircase lights. 5 ring tones available. Floor call input and output for call repetition to an external ring tone and two outputs for as many activations. Tactile recognition for the blind for answer and door opening buttons. Equipped with hearing aid. Front glass panel. White colour.

Tecnical documents and resources


QUICK GUIDE - en,fr,es

DS1760-083 • pdf 3.41 MB • ID: 662296


DS1760-047C • pdf 7.84 MB • ID: 662250

LIMIT N.VIDEO DOORPHONES IN RISER COLUMN (video doorphone) - it,en,fr,es,de,nl

DS1760-026A • pdf 1.37 MB • ID: 639347


PARAMETER CONFIGURATION MANUAL (video doorphone) - en,fr,es

DS1760-041B • pdf 19.02 MB • ID: 652450


DS1083-160A • pdf 22.11 MB • ID: 637510


DS1083-167A • pdf 18.52 MB • ID: 638816


DS1083-175 • pdf 4.12 MB • ID: 642678

CONFIGUR. MANUAL FOR PAIRING W/AMAZON ALEXA (video doorphone) - it,en,fr,es,de,nl

DS1760-042A • pdf 15.45 MB • ID: 642735


COMPLETE MANUAL FOR TOUCH USE (video doorphone) - en,fr,es

DS1760-040B • pdf 13.61 MB • ID: 652438

QUICK GUIDE FOR TOUCH USE (video doorphone) - en,fr,es

DS1760-048B • pdf 5.60 MB • ID: 662285

QUICK GUIDE TO GESTURE COMMANDS (video doorphone) - en,fr,es

DS1760-027 • pdf 896.39 KB • ID: 611383

QUICK GUIDE OF VOICE COMMANDS (video doorphone) - en,fr,es

DS1760-068 • pdf 202.03 KB • ID: 635838

COMPLETE USE MANUAL TO GESTURE COMMANDS (video doorphone) - en,fr,es

DS1760-023A • pdf 7.01 MB • ID: 635915

COMPLETE USE MANUAL OF VOICE COMMANDS (video doorphone) - en,fr,es

DS1760-069A • pdf 5.57 MB • ID: 652455

CALLME USER MANUAL (for 2VOICE and IPERCOM ver.<2.1) - it,en,fr,es,de,nl

DS1083-115F • pdf 8.39 MB • ID: 652515


Declaration of Conformity

CE_02789 • pdf 868.37 KB • ID: 617376

Firmware update of video door phone VOG5W Ref. 1760/15-16-18-19 | 1.2.0-30

To update the video door phone: 1) decompress the downloaded file; 2) copy the .zip file decompressed in the previous point ( on micro SD; 3) insert the micro SD into the video door phone; 4) restart the video door phone using the restart button in the hole located on the lower right side of the device. For further details, refer to paragraph 3.16 of booklet DS1760-018B of parameter configuration.

zip 17.45 MB | 6 Feb 2024 | ID: 658212

App 2Voice Installer Tools | 1.1.47

The application allows the installer to: 1) create a 2Voice system project defining its topology (stairs and apartments); 2.1) place the video door phones VOG5W Ref. 1760/15-16-18-19 and VOG7 Ref. 1760/31A-32A-33A on apartment nodes; 2.2) place the multi-user call forwarding device Ref. 1083/83 on stair nodes; 3) configure the call forwarding function; 4) generate the file (of the topological structure) to be shared with the building manager who will import it into the CallMe Manager app.

apk 26.08 MB | 27 Mar 2024 | ID: 662549

CallMe Manager app | 3.1.0-37

The application allows the building manager (in relation to a 2Voice system) to import the file of the topological structure generated by the installer (via the 2Voice Installer Tools app) or create the topological structure by inserting stairs and the related call forwarding devices via UID code sent by the installer. In both cases, the building manager can then generate the pdf files to be sent to users for scanning the QR-code via the CallMe app in order to receive the call on a smartphone/tablet.

zip 30.05 MB | 27 Mar 2024 | ID: 662550

File 2D

Product drawing in dxf format without dimensions

ID: 618981 • dxf 502.76 KB • 28 Jul 2022

  • Packaging quantity single: 1
  • EAN single: 8021156075089
  • Base: 170 mm
  • Height: 64 mm
  • Depth: 176 mm