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Londra 2012, UK

22 September 2017

Athletes Olympic Village - London 2012, UK

Athletes Olympic Village - London 2012, UK

Urmet was chosen, with IPerVoice, by the builders of the London Olympic Village 2012.
Specially designed for the sporting event, the Olympic Village hosted, during the races, more than 17,000 people. Designed to offer numerous services, including the largest shopping center in Europe, consisting of 229 shops, at the end of the Games the area has been converted into a residential area and university center.

The IPervoice system has been installed to manage the integrated access control of 66 blocks and 3000 apartments. It is a new video intercom system that, based on CAT 5 cabling, has no constraints and limits of extension and distance, of columns, switchboards and utilities and at the same time simplifies the installation and operation of the systems of large residential complexes. This solution is extremely reliable and allows you to centralize various functions, such as video surveillance, firefighting and intrusion, in a simple way. In addition, IPervoice allows you to build the entire backbone with a single cable and, using IP technology, ensures the activation of multiple conversations, audio and video, simultaneously.

Signo or Imago, video intercoms with a refined and elegant design, become the interface from which each user can activate the services available with the Ipervoice system and thanks to which information is transmitted from individual apartments to the concierge, which becomes a real control center.

The Imago hands-free video intercom has been installed in 2600 apartments. Characterized by linear shapes, it has a keyboard with wide control possibilities. It is equipped with a 4" OSD (On Screen Display) color display, for a perfect view from every angle and in addition to the classic functions of a video intercom manages many additional services, such as the call to the differentiated floor or the lighting of the stairs.

The video intercom Signo furnishes the remaining 400 apartments and is characterized by an extremely small footprint, with a thickness of only 5 cm and a total absence of edges. It also has a backlit door opener and three auxiliary buttons for controlling secondary services such as stairs lights, secondary electric lock opening and intercom call.

The Ipervoice system is completed by Elekta Steel, the single-piece digital control panel in pure satin-finished steel, with high aesthetic value that guarantees the highest vandal-proof performance; compact and versatile, Elekta Steel integrates the communication functions, access control and video surveillance. It’s composed of an alphanumeric keyboard, 3.5" color TFT display on which you can, for example, display directions on the path and receive or leave messages in case of absence of the user, and works with proximity key or code.