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15 March 2024

Gruppo Auto Zatti – Parma, Italy

Gruppo Auto Zatti – Parma, Italy

Gruppo Auto Zatti, a multi-brand dealer with multiple branches in the Parma and Reggio Emilia area, recently refurbished its showrooms, installing Urmet's new recessed floor boxes into its new underfloor electrical system.

The client’s primary request was to develop a system of indoor floor boxes making it possible to connect all the vehicles on display, while having a minimal visual impact on the showroom.

Urmet recessed boxes perfectly satisfied this need and are the ideal solution for floor sockets in the service sector (shopping centres, hotels, airports, museums, health centres and, naturally, car dealerships).

Their compact size, flush-with-floor installation and stainless steel/brass finish ensure utmost practicality and visual appeal in a variety of contexts, minimising the visual impact on the environment.

The hermetically sealed lid ensures an IP66 protection rating for the box, guaranteeing its resistance to water and moisture infiltration, making it perfectly safe to clean the floors. The closed lid also means the boxes can be driven on, allowing safe manoeuvring of the cars inside the showroom.

The inclusion of an integrated module and the option for either manual or safety locking mechanisms caters to a variety of installation needs.