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Peccioli (PI), Italy

09 November 2023

Polyfunctional center – Peccioli (PI), Italy

Polyfunctional center – Peccioli (PI), Italy

In Peccioli, a village in the province of Pisa known for its imposing humanoid works of art called "Giants," Urmet has realized the evacuation and fire-fighting systems functional to the transformation of a pre-existing municipal room into a multipurpose hall for meetings and cultural initiatives, the Giants' Gallery.
The large open space was equipped with a fire-fighting system consisting of a 1-line loop control panel of the 500 series, ideal for applications in the tertiary sector and accompanied by devices for voice, acoustic and light signaling:
-    bases with flashing lights equipped with the appropriate plexiglass screens
-    optical-acoustic signs
-    manual reset pushbuttons
The need to equip the high-ceilingnvironment with detection devices was effectively met through the installation of linear smoke detectors of the Tx + Rx type, whose maximum range of 150 m makes them suitable for application in vertically developing environments. To accompany the above, a number of low-profile photo-optical smoke detectors (complete with self-learning circuit, short-circuit isolator and appropriate bases) were placed.
To complete the system, the digital GSM communicator in accordance with EN54 was installed.
Building security was further implemented through the implementation of an Evac system, consisting of:
1 compact 2-zone central unit
16 rectangular loudspeakers for the transmission of alarm signals
1 wall-mounted emergency microphone, for the firefighters.