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28 March 2024

Restaurant "Roan Osteria Gourmet" - Torre del Greco (NA), Italy

Restaurant "Roan Osteria Gourmet" - Torre del Greco (NA), Italy

Urmet has supplied some of the company's top products, functional to the construction of anti-intrusion, video surveillance, fire prevention and home automation systems for the restaurant "Roan Osteria Gourmet", a new business in Torre del Greco (NA).

The main installation advantage offered by the Urmet solutions used, lies in their integration: the anti-intrusion, video surveillance and home automation systems are integrated thanks to a centralised management, from a single point, operated through the 7” touch control keyboard, the heart of the integration.
Different highly integrated systems also guarantee greater functions for the user.

The 1068 row anti-intrusion system installed, in addition to the control keyboard, consists of multiple devices located in the strategic points of the structure:

  • A multifunction bus control unit with 5 inputs expandable to 21
  • A PoE interface for touch keyboard backup
  • Standard indoor dual technology detectors and related connections
  • An outdoor siren with flashing light.

Building&Retail bullet cameras of the Eco series with fixed optics and a 4K 4-channel NVR, on the other hand, constitute the IP video surveillance system.

To complete the integrated systems, and to manage the specific function of controlling light scenarios, the home automation system was created, with the installation of Yokis devices:

  • IP Gateway hub
  • Time programmable step-by-step electronic relay modules
  • Independent 4-channel transmitters
  • Time programmable electronic dimmer module.

For the fire-fighting system, the specific needs have led to the choice of the 500 series digital aimed system, complete with:

  • Digital control unit with 1 loop line
  • Digital smoke detectors and related standard bases (compatible with both digital and conventional systems)
  • Acoustic optical plates directed on loops
  • Digital manual reset buttons.