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Independent homes

Complete solutions for the comfort and security of single or two-family dwellings, available in stand-alone versions or as kits.

System management from a smartphone
Door opening with proximity keys
Wiring devices built in with Smart home solution
Alarm and video surveillance system
Temperature control


With built-in Wi-Fi

Consisting of a monitor, an entry panel, and up to 5 proximity keys, the kit combines the most advanced video door phone functions with the simple, integrated management of Yokis radio building automation controls. • 7’’ touchscreen video door phone with built-in WiFi for call forwarding function • Yokis radio transmitter for the management of 8 building automation scenarios + 6 composite scenarios with programmable delay • Input for temperature sensor and boiler on/off management • Proximity key reader (5/10 keys supplied with the kit) • Video door phone messaging service (32 x 10” messages) and electronic POST-IT function • Zamak entry panel with wide-angle camera (113°H – 92°V) • Input for surveillance camera, plus 4 outdoor cameras with dedicated switch • Alarm input with notification sent to the Urmet CallMe app

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Smart controls for a connected home

The traditional electrical system becomes smart, with greater capabilities and functions thanks to connected controls. Connected controls make homes safer and more efficient, save money by eliminating energy waste, and improve the comfort and well-being of their inhabitants thanks to the possibility of configuring scenarios.

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Make your home more connected and secure

Solutions available in stand-alone versions or kits, which allow you to control lights and rollers, to view footage from exterior cameras, and to receive alarm notifications.

Modular solutions

Urmet home kits are versatile and expandable, as their functions can be extended to include additional surveillance cameras, or other optional services typical of multi-user systems. The Urmet range of home kits allows the customer to choose from among various design styles, and to find the door phone solution that best meets their needs.

Solutions to everything, with everything

An integrated system that’s easy to install and programme, and can be managed from various points, either locally or remotely: this is the Urmet smart home, whose functions can be activated with voice commands, via Alexa and Google Assistant, via smartphone, with the Yno app, or via the home monitor or connected switch.

Wireless security solutions

A system that operates over 4G/IP/WiFi, which is easy to programme thanks to the control unit’s automatic recognition of the peripheral devices. It does not require any new wires to be laid in the walls for installation, and has an open-air range of 2 km. Both the installer and the user can manage it via the app, and the small and compact integrable cameras lend themselves perfectly to home use.