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Solutions Residential complexes

Residential Area

Residential complexes

Increased automation and better building surveillance are necessary in larger residential complexes. Urmet meets these needs by integrating its services with simple controls and a reduced number of management devices in the common areas and flats.

Easy installation on existing IP networks
More simultaneous conversations
Viewing of connected IP cameras and activation of relays
Call forwarding to smartphone
Concierge switchboard
Access control
Lift control


How the lift is transformed into a smart system?

The IperCom interface with the lift control units is achieved by changing the status of one or more inputs of these control units through the 24 control relays. The interface allows the lift to reach the desired floors based on certain system events (call from an apartment, door opener code input, or key swipe). Its operation can be in floor mode or apartment mode. In the first mode, the apartments on the same floor share the same relay activation scheme. In the second, a different configuration can be associated with each individual apartment.

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Multi-user CallMe

Integrated apartment building solutions

IPerCom is the digital system entirely over CAT5/5e/6 cable or fibre optics. No server is required to configure the system. 1 type of wire for the whole system. Unlimited extension, risers and functions. Integrated functions connected to video door phone service.All devices and functions are installed directly in the system with no need for additional wiring. The commands are managed directly from the home video intercom

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Installation of a system in a large apartment building

With the IPerCom system, you can provide a high-performance product in a short period of time with low installation costs.

VOG 7: The connected monitor with an integrated voice assistant

The VOG 7 is the smart management monitor for all the   devices and services within the IP ecosystem.

4K Prime and 5M Pro series video cameras

The Urmet IP range is professional and complete and consists of cameras, with manual and motorised lens, with resolution up to 4K dual codec H.264/H.265 and NVR with 4K resolution and 2TB HD included.

Anti-intrusion 1068: a multifunction wireless control unit

The ideal solution to create big and small size anti-intrusion alarm systems. With its minimalist design and cutting-edge technology, the 1068 system is capable of managing both wired and wireless devices and integrating video surveillance products that can be controlled locally and remotely via smartphones and tablets.