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Tertiary area


For supermarkets, shopping centres, and large chains of retail shops, Urmet offers a wide range of products designed to secure the premises with centralised monitoring.

Contactless common entrance management
Concierge switchboard
Complete range for gas detection
Video surveillance
Fire alarm and EVAC system
Solutions for the service sector and smart working


Hi-tech CCTV for open architecture IP systems.

Smart video analytics comes standard on all the video cameras in the Neius family, and provides market-leading monitoring and data verification capabilities. All the camera units are equipped with a built-in microphone, SD card slots, and hardware reset buttons. Neius NVRs also record images and video with high quality and definition.

Even compatible with existing systems
•  Cameras that can be integrated with third-party platforms. • Crystal clear, full-colour footage at 0 lux, thanks to Color Maker and Starlight technologies • IP67 and IK10 (vandal resistant) certified • Full Video Content Analysis functionalities

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Fire prevention

Advanced fire alarm and smoke detection systems

For conventional and digital systems, even interconnected, from complex residential to advanced service sector applications. The digital control units are equipped with configuration software and graphic maps for local and remote information management.

Data and energy distribution

Ideal solutions for retail and tertiary sectors

A wide offer to meet all installation needs: • IP66 concealed boxes for floor current points, ideal for indoor environments; • retractable turrets available in the 8/10 module and 16/20 module version for floor socket points; • minicolumns available in single-sided version with 12 modules or double-sided version with 12 modules per side; • high quality built-in cassettes for professional connectivity; • cassettes for the desk, for power sockets and data within reach in any tertiary or civil context.

Customisable solutions

Offering excellent flexibility in terms of installation, programming, and management of protected areas, Urmet gas leak detection units are equipped with accurate self-diagnostics systems, and are manufactured according to ATEX directives, with a complete range of detectors for methane, LPG, propane, butane, carbon monoxide, and petrol vapours.

EVAC systems

To manage the safe evacuation of buildings with pre-recorded vocal messages.

IPerFile Software

A plant configuration and supervision system with a  client/server architecture.


Specific detectors for garages and car parks designed to detect traces of petrol, LPG, and carbon monoxide.