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Zeno Pro
Wireless system ideal for installations without renovations

The Zeno Pro wireless intrusion alarm system is the ideal choice for all residential environments. Its minimalist design, state-of-the-art technology, and ease of installation make it suitable for various uses, with no need for any renovations.

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Quick installation with no need for masonry interventions
Possibility of integration with wired systems as well
Smartphone management for the user
Easy to configure

The Zeno Pro control unit

The Zeno Pro system’s most outstanding features are listed below: • web configurator with intuitive graphics; • Wi-Fi connectivity; • high number of managed devices; • multilingual menus; • compatibility with the most popular voice assistants on the market.

The system is two-directional, flexible and easy to install. It is ideal for all residential environments.

Connectivity-based security

Connectivity is one of the basic security elements of the Zeno Pro system: • sending of voice alarms; • sending of SMS messages; • sending of images; • sending of e-mails; • sending of numeric protocols; • sending of notifications.

Supervision, anti-jamming and range signal measurement guarantee the security of Zeno Pro and make the product compliant with EN50131 grade 2 certification.

The system’s figures

• 3 splittable zones • 80 radio devices that can be freely paired • 20 configurable users (through codes and remote controls) • 10 activation codes • 200 storable events • 16 key readers • 6 devices with camera • up to 3 recordable photos during and after an alarm event

Why choose the Zeno Pro?

Easy programming. Thanks to the automatic recognition of peripheral devices by the control unit, you have only to press a button on the device to be acquired.

Security under control. All the information is shown on the control unit’s display.

Excellent connectivity. Sending of voice alarms, text messages, images, e-mails, CID and SIA numeric protocols.

Easy Management. The MyZeno App allows the user to control their alarm system in a simple and user-friendly way via a smartphone or tablet.

Compatibility with Alexa and Google Home. Sending of voice commands to activate and deactivate the system.

Easy assembly. Rapid installation thanks to the wireless mode, with no need to lay any new wires in the walls.

The Zeno Pro wireless intrusion alarm system offers even more advantages for the installer.

Technical Characteristics

Two-directional technology for very reliable communication.

Anti-Jamming function for radio frequency interference detection.

Check of the wireless signal available in the field.

Integrated IP and 4G communicators for high-speed transmission of data, vocal messages or text messages in case of alarm.

Wi-Fi connection for local system programming and management.

Video check: alarm notification with photo attachments.

Compatibility with the Alexa and Google Home voice assistants.

Safety compliant with EN50131 class 2.

User management of the alarm system via the MyZeno app, even from a PC.

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