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Anti-intrusion range

Remote multifunctional intrusion alarm system

Minimalist design and cutting-edge technology, mixed and simultaneous management of both wired and wireless devices, and integration of video surveillance products that can be controlled locally and remotely via smartphones and tablets. The 1068 system is flexible and scalable, and can therefore be adapted to meet the needs of the residence to be protected with innovative features and components. Its EN50131 class 2 certification means that its components are regulatory compliant in terms of their safety and reliability, and their responsiveness to critical environmental issues.

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Slim and compact control unit with a minimalist design
Remote configuration and management
Integration with video surveillance devices
Easy to configure

The system’s figures:

• 8 splittable zones 66 inputs (wired and wireless) with 20 customisations and 28 outputs available • 32 user codes • 3 auxiliary functions (Gong, courtesy light, and door opener) • 8 command keypads • 16 key readers • 1000 events that can be stored in the log 2 IP (Ethernet and Wi-Fi) and GSM communication media

App 1068SET

Urmet has made the free 1068SET App available to facilitate the installer’s work, for quick, simple, and comprehensive programming and configuration of anti-intrusion systems built with 1068 control units.

The app allows the user to select the language, manage the customer and system master data, and back up or restore the control unit configuration, saving the previous configurations in the Cloud or on an SD Card.

The installer’s work is thus also facilitated in terms of monitoring, with the receipt of push notifications for events or in the absence of the “keep alive” signal from the Cloud, as well as for checking the overall status of the anti-intrusion system, its devices, and the connected peripherals. Available for Android devices.

App Urmet Secure

The Urmet Secure app allows the user to thoroughly manage the system at any time from a remote location using a smartphone or tablet. The app can be downloaded free of charge for both iOS and Android from the respective app stores.

Urmet Secure ensures the constant monitoring of the system’s status, allowing for its full or partial activation or deactivation.

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Why choose the 1068 system?

Minimalist design and cutting-edge technology. A slim and compact minimalist design, combined with the latest technology.

Integration of wireless devices.

Integration of video surveillance devices. This highly flexible and reliable system can be integrated with video surveillance devices to view recorded events or live images whenever an alarm is triggered.

Technological alarms and customisation of inputs and outputs.

Easy configuration. Direct configuration via keypad or via the 1068SET app for installers, available for Android tablets.

Easy management. Management and keypad, proximity key readers, electronic key readers, the time scheduler, and the Urmet Secure app.

1068, the flexible and reliable system that offers video surveillance integration

dispositivi di comando
rilevatori, sirene, barriere e accessori

Technical Characteristics

Multiple communication media: IP (WiFi and Ethernet) and GSM.

SIM credit expiration warning.

Time scheduler.

Integrated voice synthesis module.

EN50131 class 1 and 2 certification.

Push notifications, and vocal, email, and SMS messages.

Digital transmission of numeric protocols to security service providers.

Emergency call management.

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