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Easy Door Controller

The devices in the Easy Door Controller range are ideal for small residential applications: they can be easily integrated into the existing system and require minimal electrical connections.

Increase security
Maximum flexibility configuration
Easy to use
Programming via PC
Up to 50 gates and 5000users
Easy wiring

"Easy Door Controller" access control units

The devices in the Easy Door Controller range guarantee high security, maximum fl exibility confi guration and ease of use. From the installation point of view, Easy Door Controller can be programmed in 2 modes:

• stand-alone confi guration, which allows managing up to 1500-2000 users

• Virtual Network (by connecting an encoder code 1088/200 to your PC), which speeds up programming of the keys, increase the the performance of the kit and to create a virtual system with up to 50 gates and 5000 users.

Easy Door Controller programming

Stand alone mode
This type of configuration is carried out locally on each individual device, which is why it allows a limited number of users and accesses to be managed.
Virtual network mode
Programming is carried out via PC, using the Web platform without internet connection.
IT is possible to “virtually” create your own building complex with up to 50 access points and configure accesses remotely, significantly reducing both configuration and management costs.

Virtual Network mode

The Virtual Network mode allows quick programming of Easy Door Controller and Easy Door Receiver devices. For programming in Virtual Network mode, an encoder must be connected to the PC. Log on to the portal to create your account. You can now create your virtual building complex and program all the keys. si crea il proprio account.

Why choose the Virtual Network programming?

Creating a virtual building complex (up to 50 inputs).

Programming/deleting radio controls and tags on all devices integrated in the virtual apartment building.

Updating access credentials.

Viewing event logs (up to 20,000 - last 30 days).

Managing access time slots.

Replacing a faulty controller without having to reprogram the entire system.

Updating the building complex readers using the programmed keys in Virtual Network mode.

Creating a "PASS" (service) key for opening all virtual apartment building access points.

Easy Door Controller, access control solutions for residential applications

Technical features

Power supply: 12-30Vcc @ 12-24Vac.

Numbers of users from 1500 to 5000.

Number of gates from 1 to 2.

Frequency: 868 MHz.

Open field range: 100m.

Number of wireless channels: 2.

Number of MIFARE proximity reader: 1 (max. 100m).

Number of event log: 20,000 (in Virtual Network mode only).

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