Are you an End User?
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The App for the end user

The YnO UP application offers a new vision of living comfort, concentrating the best of professional and consumer products in one application.

Remote control via smartphone
Notification activation
Creation of scenarios
Creating new users for co-management
Customisable look and feel

Control of the whole house through the smartphone.

App easy to use

The installation of a GATE-UP hub allows using the YnO UP App and managing the Yokis UP range ecosystem also from smartphones and tablets, both locally and remotely.

It offers its users the possibility of remotely controlling the functions of their homes, configuring the various settings of system modules as well as remote controls, creating scenarios adapted to their needs and, thanks to its openness to third-party devices, also the possibility of enriching the ecosystem with Zigbee 3.0-compatible products.

New look and feel

The new look and feel has been adapted to suit current graphic standards, in order to make YnO UP even more immediate and user-friendly. Finally, thanks to the support of the Bluetooth standard, the user can change the module settings, both actuators and transmitters.

Voice commands

The integration of the Yokis UP range with Google and Amazon voice assistants offers important benefits to fragile, elderly or disabled persons and to those with chronic illnesses. These technologies can improve quality of life and foster independence by providing assistance in a variety of ways, such as through building automation device control, scenario start-up, remote monitoring of daily activities, activation of emergency alerts.

What benefits does the YnO app offer your customer?

○ Local control of the system from a smartphone or tablet with status feedback.

Set up and activation of notifications. 

Configuration, duplication and disabling of remote controls.

Customisation of actuator functions.

Control of compatible third-party Zigbee 3.0 devices.

Management of partner cloud services for third-party products.

Creation of scenarios that can be sent from remote controls, smartphone/tablet or Urmet video door phone or automatically with scheduled events, etc.

Creation of new YnO UP users with whom to share the management of the system (babysitters, guests, etc.) or part thereof.

Customisation of the home screen display based on the user’s preferences, for faster and more intuitive use.