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This is an all-in-one service centre capable of managing different technologies and unifying the various forms of communication by combining voice, video, web and email.

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Complete management of users
My Talk: remote configuration and management
VoIP technology: real savings

iPerTAlk: multifunctionality that adapts
to your work needs

iPerTAlk is the open standard communication system

Designed for the unified management of corporate communication services: in fact, thanks to VoIP technology iPerTAlk allows you to manage traditional telephony functions alongside advanced communication services, including an advanced answering machine, voicemail, the recording of conversations, a shared directory, fax as e-mail attachment, text messages, Hotel functions and click2dial. Thanks to its modularity and expandability both in terms of resources and functionality, the system is able to meet the needs of businesses and activities like professional studios, hotels, hospitality facilities, large companies and logistics centres.

VoIP technology: added value for teleworking

By investing in a communication platform with efficient, connected and stable remote workstations, smart working can become both virtuous and agile. The iPerTAlk technological solution is capable of optimising the corporate infrastructure and centralising remote workstations, which are connected via private VoIP lines and are thus not subject to any call charges. Employees who use a VoIP system work as if they were in the same office: the same internal telephone number, voicemail on email to not miss any calls; outgoing calls from one's own device with company number, personalised answering machine. Telephone extensions can be managed via IP telephones, PC applications, and smartphones. With iPerTAlk, there is no need to eliminate the existing infrastructure.

MyTalk: simple guided configuration and management

iPerTAlk is equipped with the MyTalk web interface that allows you to manage traditional telephone operations even from your PC, thus shifting the operating and control centre to the computer. This allows unified access to communication resources without the need for a telephone terminal, giving the telephone system the role of multimedia/multifunction control unit. The MyTalk interface is very intuitive to use, making it easy for the front desk operator to manage the main system resources and functions (such as extension and line status, shared directory, call history, voicemail, faxtomail, sending text messages).

Online purchase of licences.

iPerTAlk is by its nature a modular system, simply expandable both in terms of resources and functions, which are enabled through additional licenses.
Licences can be purchased at all it takes is a few simple steps to integrate them into your iPerTAlk system and take advantage of new features.

Why choose iPerTAlk?

For the user:

Easy to install and configure.

Savings and efficiency for businesses and facilities.

Integration with existing technologies and platforms to safeguard previous investments.

Better customer services.

For the installer:

Open SIP system.

Flexible, constantly evolving communication.

Simplified installation and configuration via the web.

Easy maintenance of the system, even remotely thanks to the Remote Support Portal via Urmet Cloud.

Expandability of the system with new resources and functionalities without having to go on site.

Technical Characteristics

High modularity: expandable system both in terms of resources and functionalities.

Standard SIP protocol.

Least Cost Routing (LCR) of outbound calls based on origin, destination (national, international, mobile) and time slot.

Routing of inbound calls by time slot, with filter on calling person, called person, time slot, day of the week, date.

Advanced, interactive, and multi-level automated answering machine (DISA, interruptible voice, multi-company, fax detection, black list).

User web interface for function customisation.

Configuration via web browser with step-by-step guided programming.

Remote maintenance via the Urmet Cloud and integrated system VPN.

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