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Custom entry panels

All Urmet Special series entry panels, made by Prodel, are elegant and unique: rounded or square shapes, classic or contemporary, always finished with a high level of excellence. This makes them an excellent choice for marking the entrances to old and valuable buildings. In the heart of towns, where aesthetics play a key a role but modern communication systems are indispensable.

Steel and brass finishes
PVD treatment
Elegant design
Ideal for old and valuable buildings

Customisation of shapes, sizes, materials and operational features.

Shape and size can be customised

Urmet's Special series of entry panels meet customers' needs for customisation and products with high value-added features. Exceptional craftsmanship, innovative industrial technology, high-quality standards, and the ability to customise both aesthetically and functionally. Urmet's steel and brass entry panels, manufactured and serviced by Prodel, a Group company, are the only ones on the market that guarantee durability. They adapt to existing Urmet or other manufacturers' installations, making them possible to assemble without masonry work

Sturdy and stainless

As a result of the anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treatment, the materials are of high quality, robust and resistant to weathering. The treatment consists of coating all products with an electrochemical titanium coating, ensuring maximum strength and resistance to weathering as well as wear and tear. This ensures that Urmet brass and steel entry panels will remain unaltered over the years and look just like the first day.

Stylish and tailor-made

The Special series blend traditional design with advanced technology, integrating solutions that are compatible with all types of systems: audio or video, analogue or digital and all of its functions. There are several finishes to choose from: polished or satin-finished brass, steel and stainless steel; colour variants in gun metal grey, bronze, copper and micaceous iron. The Special series are available in single or multi-button versions, as well as with numeric or alphanumeric keypad. Nameplates are mounted on the reverse side for optimum appearance and are engraved in one of the available fonts. The front panel can also be engraved, for example to show the street number, building name or other information without having to add additional external plates.

Why choose the Custom entry panels?

Ability to customise both aesthetically and functionally.

Unique on the market, they provide unsurpassed durability.  

Suitable for existing installations.

Anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation materials.

They combine traditional design with state-of-the-art technology.

They integrate solutions that can be used with analogue and digital audio and video systems.

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