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Entry Panel Range

compact technology for small to medium-sized homes

Minimalist, precise designs combined with technology and robustness make Mikra entry panels the right choice for video door phone systems in small- and medium-sized residential settings. The ZAMAK body, IP55/IP65 water and dust protection and IK07 impact resistance ratings give Mikra a high degree of robustness. Available in button-operated or digital versions, Mikra can be installed on a wall, on a support or flush mounted (1784/1 and 1784/2 only), or on a pillar. The Mikra line is compatible with the Urmet 2Voice video door phone system.

Wide-angle camera
Impact and weather resistance
Backlit and colour display keys


Suitable for single and two-family homes, with 1 or 2 direct call buttons and backlit name tags. IP55 protection rating for resistance to atmospheric agents.

On the single-family version, the icons light up to show the system status, making it easier to use and providing an important aid to the disabled.

Mikra plus and Mikra digital

Mikra Plus and Mikra Digital units have a 3.5" colour display that makes it easy to select the name to call. Thanks to a proximity sensor the display is activated when the user approaches, and the colour icons on the display make it easier to understand the system status, improve interaction and render operations more intuitive.

The Mikra plus and Mikra digital units are easy to programme via smartphone, tablet and PC because they are equipped with Wifi direct and an intuitive interface that can be accessed from any device with an internet browser. They can also be programmed with a more traditional method, directly using the entry panel.

Why choose the Mikra?

Entry panel with display that does not require name tags (in the Plus and Digital versions).

Linear design style, compact size, and easy wall mounting.

Name association via smartphone and Wi-Fi connection for the 2Voice system and via IPerCom Configurator for the IP system.

Reading of the names in the directory in alphabetical order to facilitate searching.

Its IP65 protection rating makes it one of the most robust entry panels on the market.

The wide-angle camera increases the level of home security.

Mikra, Urmet’s elegant and robust range of entry panels with a minimalist design

Mikra range technical specifications

Common features:
2Voice system; IK07; support/pillar.

Mikra2 (1784/1 - 1784/2):
single or two-family; direct call button; wide-angle camera 92°V - 110°H; dimensions (W x H x D): 100 x 180 x 28 mm; IP55; available flush-mounted.

Mikra Plus (1784/3):
3 o 4 users; 44 direct call buttons; 3.5'' colour display; wide-angle camera: 100°V - 113°H; dimensions (L x H x D): 99 x 200 x 26 mm; IP65.

Mikra Digital (1784/4):
up to 32 users; 4 buttons for directory selection; 3.5'' colour display; wide-angle camera: 100°V - 113°H; dimensions (L x H x D): 99 x 200 x 26 mm; IP65.

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