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Indoor station range

The new Voice or Gesture video door phones

Personalised voice commands, activation by gesture, and integrated WiFi, as well as advanced functions such as smartphone call answering, remote gate opening, camera monitoring, and light management, for a total connection with the home.

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Touch management
Voice control
Gesture commands
Call forwarding to smartphone

Vog is a real home-monitor for controlling the systems and services within the house

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We're changing the way people interact with their video door phones, turning them into real home-monitors for controlling the systems and services within the house. Elegant design, simple finishes, and sober colours; innovative technology, with user simple and appealing interfaces, making the product intuitive and easy to use. The VOG (acronym for Voice Or Gesture) range consists of 3 devices to meet distinct usage needs. The WiFi versions are also available in black and white. Furthermore, they integrate the call forwarding module to the smartphone.

A new level of control

The VOG range of video door phones can be controlled in 3 different ways: by touch, voice, or gestures. Simply touch the display, talk to the VOG unit, or pass your hand in front of it to conveniently manage various functions, such as activating the display, opening the door, ending a call, and more.

VOG 7 Total control with voice and gestures

The VOG 7 is the 7'' video door phone that responds to voice or gesture commands: in addition to the functions of a typical video door phone, it also offers the most advanced smart home activation features in an entirely touchless manner.

Furthermore, VOG 7 is the first video door phone system with integrated proprietary voice assistant. It does not require any secondary devices or external voice assistants. In this way, once installed, voice controls will be immediately available and ready to be used.

The VOG 7 is available in black and white.

VOG 5W The connected video door phone

The VOG 5W is the 5'' video door phone with soft-touch buttons on a single flat glass surface that enhances its elegance and simple lines.

The integrated Wi-Fi connection enables call forwarding to smartphones. The VOG 5W is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. The VOG 5W also enables touchless management of the main functions, through gestures that activate the appropriate sensor or voice controls. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa.

The VOG 5W is available in black and white.

VOG 5 The touch or gesture video door phone

The VOG 5 is the 5" video door phone equipped with soft-touch buttons. The video door phone functions can be controlled directly by pressing the control buttons, but also by gestures that activate the dedicated sensor.

The VOG 5 enables advanced features including MUTE (normal or timed with ring tone self-restoring), floor call, and repeat call to an external ringer. Elegant and essential design with icons that guide users in the selection of the functions.

The answering and door opener functions can also be used by visually impaired people as the monitor has raised marks on the sides that identify the position of the buttons.

The VOG 5 is available in white.

Why choose VOG?

An elegant, minimalist, and modern design in the basic colours of black and white.

Ease of interaction: voice and gesture commands and customisable graphical interface (standard, simplified, swipe).

The integrated Wi-Fi connectivity allows calls to be transferred to a smartphone via the CallMe app.

Available for 2Voice and IPerCom systems.

Advanced video door phone functions: mute, normal, and timed; programmable door opener; input for panic calls to a switchboard or smartphone; video memory for video door phone calls.

Management of smart home functions (light, rollers, video cameras).

VOG Technical Characteristics

5'' and 7'' displays.

Intercom calls to other indoor stations.

Activation of auxiliary services.

Auto-on function on the outdoor entry panel.

Buttons to call the switchboard and switch on staircase lights.

8-channel Yokis radio transmitter included for building automation commands or scenarios.

Tactile recognition for the visually impaired for the answer and door opening buttons (VOG5 and VOG5W models).

Aid for the hearing impaired (model VOG5 Wi-Fi).

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