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Apartment buildings

Apartment buildings are the ideal development ground for new technologies that can offer advanced functions to tenants. These services must be easy to install, even with minimal intervention.

Ideal for existing installations or new buildings
Contactless common entrance management
Complete range for gas detection
Apartment building CCTV
Call forwarding to smartphone
Wired or wireless solutions for staircase light timers
Concierge switchboard
Civil series


2Voice digital system: perfect for every installation requirement

Urmet’s digital 2Voice system uses a normal two-wire infrastructure to expand the video door phone system’s functions to include Yokis building automation, access control, and remote management systems. All without needing to replace your monitor.

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CallMe solutions for apartment buildings

CallMe is even simpler and more versatile. With the addition of a single device for the entire apartment building, all users will have the call forwarding function on their smartphone available in their apartment.Multi-user CallMe is the fastest, most economical and least invasive solution for all condominium owners: it is easily installed in the common areas of the building and uses the condominium Internet connection.

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Civil series

Three lines, with four designs for different living styles

Simon Urmet is a benchmark that offers customers the possibility of creating lighting points for any building (home, office or shop), with its switches, outlets and controls. The system uses a single support offering quality, design style and functionality, thus facilitating installation. Wiring is quick, and doesn’t even require a screwdriver. The functions have been designed taking the work of the installers into account.

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Choose the technology best suited to your apartment building

For example, the possibility of opening communal entrances via Bluetooth from a smartphone is provided by integrating small actuators into video door phone entry panels.

VOG 5W For intelligent lighting management in staircases

VOG 5W is the 5” IP video door phone with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity that combines the latest video door phone functions with smart home management, even in touchless mode, using gestures or voice commands, even for the on-demand activation of services in common areas.

Security and energy savings

SMART LOCK: modules that make it easier to open the door using a smartphone. LIGHT control:the lights are only activated on “programmed” floors, thus allowing for considerable energy savings

ALPHA: The digital entry panel that distinguishes itself in every respect

Alpha, the frameless entry panel with a simple and contemporary design, suitable for any installation requirements.