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2Voice is the highest performance non-polarized 2-wire system in its category, offering free intercom, two door control, door open warning, exchange, security cameras which can be viewed from video-doorphone monitors.

2 wires anywhere. 127 users per riser. 2 outdoor stations per riser. 32 risers. 4064 users. 16 main common entries. Up to 1.000-meters distance between outdoor and indoor station. 200-meters distance between power unit and indoor station. 2.400-metre extension in the common section. 800-metre extension at each riser. 4 parallel connected indoor stations (monitors and/or doorphones). Security cameras per outdoor station. 2 doors managed from a single outdoor station. No need to replace cables in renovations.

2Voice is ideal for:

• Villas with communication and security needs • Renovations • Complexes with up to 4064 users

2Voice: plenty of functions

• 9 mixed audio/video system with colour camera • Integrated cctv • Free intercom • Additional services (such as staircase light control) with no additional wiring • Additional resident controlled outputs to control auxilary devices

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