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In order to meet the various needs of businesses and offices, Urmet offers solutions for communication, access control, fire alarm, anti-intrusion, and video surveillance services.

VOIP (voice over IP) telephone communication
Gate management and partialisation by user groups
Fire alarm and evacuation system
Video surveillance with advanced video analysis
Solutions for the service sector and smart working


Full-IP communication system

The VOIP platform for the evolution of IP voice services capable of managing the typical telephone functions of a PABX and integrating them with new modes of communication (video calls, e-mails, text messages, CTI, management systems). IPerTAlk is an extremely modular software platform that can be expanded both in terms of resources and multimedia functionalities, allowing the user to manage different operating tools via a single service centre.

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Installer Portal

Quick 10-step configuration wizard

It simplifies the management of all activities performed on the IPerTAlk system, from configuration to maintenance work. • Consultation of call logs and system functionality reports. • System configuration backup. • Firmware upgrade via HTTP-upload.

Data and energy distribution

Solutions for the  service sector and  smart working

A wide range of products to meet all installation requirements: • IP66 concealed floor power outlet enclosures ideal for indoor environments; • retractable turrets available in 8/10 module and 16/20 module versions for floor power outlets; • mini-risers available in 12-module single-sided or 12-module double-sided versions; • high-quality flush-mounted enclosures for professional connectivity; • desk enclosures for convenient power and data outlets in any service sector or public context.

We make safe working environments

An advanced and comprehensive digital fire alarm system allows for the entire system to be secured, thanks to the possibility of expanding to up to 480 zones, and the management of a wide range of accessories. The video cameras directly connected to the anti-intrusion control unit and access control systems are capable of actively preventing unwanted entries. They can also perform facial recognition and impede or grant entry to different people, at different times, and depending on the environment

Fire alarm +EVAC

All the fire detection systems are compliant with the EN54-13 standard, which ensures compatibility between the fire alarm control unit and the devices connected to it. They are also complemented by the EVAC range, which helps people to follow evacuation procedures as safely as possible using pre-recorded vocal messages.

Neius deep learning video surveillance

Neius is Urmet’s advanced video surveillance line that includes state-of-the-art video analysis tools (VCA). Thanks to intelligent algorithms, the video analysis functions allow a wide range of movements to be detected and analysed with precision.

Customisable solutions

High-tech functional products, even available in kit form, which guarantee gate automation and maximum protection for users and operators. The management software can be quickly configured and the controls are simple and intuitive.