Call Me, the app to answer your video door phone even when you are not at home

CallMe allows answering the door phone directly from your office or from a shop, as if you were at home, or open the gate and the entrance door while relaxing on your sofa or in the garden. All this with a simple touch from smartphone or tablet. Call Me is a free app, available for Android and iOS, but is also a device compatible with old generation Urmet door phones or video door phones, and for this reason Call Me does not require the purchase of a new monitor.


TheApp can be installed on up to a maximum of 4 smartphones or tablets simultaneously, and each of them can manage several CallMe devices. To meet any type of request, even those of the most demanding users, Urmet allows customising the App options, from signal quality up to the possibility of receiving calls only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, thus without using your data traffic.



With CallMe, Urmet aims at ensuring the maximum simplicity and speed even for installation. In fact, thanks to its innovative support kit and the extremely compact size, CallMe can be directly fitted in the electric panel or wall-mounted without the need of masonry interventions, thus ensuring considerable installation cost savings. Peace of mind also for those who live in apartment buildings: installation is carried out directly in the flat, without any operation required in the shared system, thus allowing each resident to operate autonomously.

Technical features

  • RJ45 port for wired connection as an alternative to Wi-Fi connection
  • additional power cable, required only for 2Voice digital systems and analogue systems with more than 12 video door phones.


Other info

Finally, for those who intend to replace the old system and install a latest generation video door phone, Urmet offers a wide range of solutions that, as shown by the proper “CallMe Ready” mark, have already been set up to be implemented with the call forwarding function.