New MD3300MRP Yokis device for load monitoring

Monitoring and optimising home consumption has never been easier: thanks to the new Yokis device, it is possible to manage home electrical loads, without dedicated wirings and masonry works, even from a smartphone thanks to the Yokis YnO app.
When the contractual power of the electrical system is exceeded, MD3300MRP Yokis module eliminates the risk of main switch tripping. In fact, when necessary, the Yokis control device disconnects the loads in sequence, according to the priorities set by the user. When the overload conditions have gone, equipment operation is automatically restored.




The Yokis YnO app allows to monitor consumption in real time and to view the diagram showing usage over the last 30 minutes. Periodic consumption statistics are also available, to measure energy savings and manage lighting and electrical devices in your home more consciously.

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