Special series panels

Customisable buttons and shape

The Urmet Special series panels provide answers to the tastes all customers and blend with all buildings.
Hand-crefted care, technology and industrial efficiency. This is the secret of our very high quality product and  our attentive, accurate service. Urmet brass and steel panels, made by Prodel - a company of Urmet Group dedicated to customised products - remain as new, year after year, like the first day. They are the perfect solution to renew existing installations beacuse they can replace any Urmet or third-party panel or digital and anolgue system.


Strong and anti-corrosion

Classiness is timeless: this is why Urmet has made a range of panels that is guaranteed to stand up to the test of time. Quality materials and high-tech solutions have made it possible to reach this objective: rough brasspanels are subjected to galvanic treatment followed by PVD. PVD - Physical Vapour Deposition - consists of coating the object with an electrochemical titanium treatment to confer the top robustness and resistance to elements and wear over time. This treatment preserves the beauty of the surface over time.


Elegance and customization

All Urmet Special Series panels, made by Prodel, are unique and elegant: with their fluid, classical shapes, high quality material and special finishes. They are the ideal panel to add a touch of style to historical buildings and places of architectural interest: in the heart of cities, where appearance is fundamental and where modern communication systems are a must. This is why they blend traditional design and state-of-the-art technology, integrating solutions compatible with all system types - audio, video, analogue, digital with all the functions you need.
dedicated to who likes to chose: plenty of finishes, polished and satin brass Special Series are the entry panel that offers endless customisation options and refined finishes, in polished and satin-finished brass with steel-chrome, gun-metal grey, copper bronze, micaceous iron colour finishes. Even shapes can be customised to each user’s preferences. The upper and lower part of the panel front can be engraved to display address and name of the historical building, for instance, or other information all arranged tidily and elegantly on the panel without needing other plates.


For further info, contact Prodel at this email: info@prodeltorino.it.