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IPerCom is the IP system that integrates home automation, anti-intrusion, video surveillance, access control, lift control and which raises the communication and security standards of any building, from single-user homes to residential complexes.


2Voice is the non-polarized 2-wire system that allows you to create audio systems digital video door phone with numerous functions: free intercom, management double entrance, open door verification, switchboard, viewable control cameras from video intercom monitor.

5-wire systems

The 5-wire system is particularly suitable, as well as for the creation of new systems, to transform existing intercom systems into video intercom systems without add other conductors in the column and in the apartments.

"4+n" wire sistems

With a 4+n Video door phone system it is possible to create a system that includes 4+n wires in the riser column, where "n" is the number of calls to be managed.

Coax system

The Video door phone system with coaxial cable is created in a very similar way to a "4+n" electronic call intercom system with the addition of the video part. To the audio system cables it is therefore necessary to add those for powering the camera and monitor, as well as naturally the coaxial cable for the video signal.