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Video door phone systems

4+n Wire system

Simplicity in managing the number of calls

This type of system employs 4 wires (2 for voice in and out, 1 for door phone power ground and 1 for operating the electrical lock) plus one call wire. The system may implement either traditional or electronic call tone options. Door phones with different designs and colour are available for 4+n wire electronic call systems. Door phones with special functions can be used (privacy indicator and door monitoring LED, voice circuit on button, additional buttons directly on the door phone top).

The 4+n wire system with electronic call offers the possibility of choosing between intercom devices with different designs and colours.

Some intercoms also offer additional functions: • privacy indicator • door monitoring LED • voice circuit on button • additional buttons Various accessories are also available (three-tone gong, call volume adjustment kit, etc.). Various doors phones can be connected one to the each other in addition to the door unit for making intercom systems. Traditional call systems are suitable for making new systems with call signal to a dedicated buzzer fitted inside the door phone. This type of door phone is suitable for replacing 1030, 930 and 730 model door phone in existing systems and for making intercom systems.

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