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Video door phone system

5 wire System

From door phone to video door phone with the Urmet 5-wire system

The Urmet 5-wire video intercom system is particularly suitable, not only for the creation of new systems, but also for transforming existing intercom systems into video intercom systems without adding other conductors in the column and in the apartments. It is thus possible to easily transform 4+n audio systems into video systems without extensive installation work.

Transform existing systems into video intercom systems with the Urmet 5-wire system

The Urmet 5-wire video intercom system without coaxial cable allows you to create a video door entry system with just 4 wires for powering the monitor and the video signal plus 1 wire for the call signal. The image appears only on the called monitor and the conversation remains secret: in fact, no user can connect to the external unit without having received a call signal. In a 5-wire video intercom system it is also possible to connect simple "1+1" intercoms in order to perform the audio service only.

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