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Make every type of access smart

SCLAK is an access control system, safe, composed of an electronic device and an application. It allows you to integrate different openings in one system. Sclak works with Bluetooth technology and allows you to share access permissions with your smartphone. It does not require any Internet connection.

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Digitise all your keys
Simplified management through a single app
Touchless home entry with smartphone
Invite and manage users remotely
Use without Wi-Fi connection
Adaptability to any installation

The advantages for the professional

SCLAK is an innovative, simple, and reliable solution that adapts to every system requirement.
SCLAK is a stand-alone system, so it requires no special wiring and is easy to install. It is compatible with all Urmet and third-party door-phone and video door-phone systems. On Urmet 2voice systems, the Sclak Unit device can be powered directly with the bus. In addition, SCLAK enables easy earnings by reselling proprietary keys.

The advantages for the client

The SCLAK system is very easy to use. Once the device is installed, all you need is the app on your smartphone to open the door. This reduces management costs: if the user loses or breaks the phone, simply download the app to the new phone and log in to have all the keys immediately available again. In case you have guests, you can also let them in without having to hand over physical keys.

The Gear, the new motorised cylinder lock

The Gear, the new motorised cylinder lock, allows for a smart house entrance door: thanks to the Bluetooth interface, the door can be opened from a Smartphone using the UrmetSclak APP. The Gear is positioned inside the home and is powered by 2 rechargeable batteries. It can be used with Euro or Oval cylinder locks and does not eliminate the mechanical key.

User types, digital keys and licences

The SCLAK access sharing system provides various types of users: Installer, Admin, Owner and Guest.

Digital keys enable users to access a door where a SCLAK device is installed. They are secure, customisable, and can also be used by friends, family, service personnel, employees, as well as guests. The SCLAK system handles 2 types of licences: Owner and Guest.
Once purchased, licences will be tied to the account and not the device.

How to install Sclak

How to integrate Sclak
with third-party platforms

Why choose Sclak?

It’s secure. SHA-2 security encryption and 2-factor identification.

Low Energy. Communication via Bluetooth LE4.0.

Simple. One app to make your home smart.

No internet. No Wi-Fi connection.

Contactless. Touchless home entry.

Affordable. Savings on lock maintenance.

Via Smartphone. Easy property access management.

Non-Invasive. No masonry work is required and installation is quick.

SCLAK is a smart, secure and versatile access control system

Technical Characteristics

Low Energy Bluetooth connection.

Encrypted communication.

No Internet connection required.

Monostable or bistable relay output, NO/NC mode.

Compatible with Urmet 2Voice video door phone system and third-party systems.

1 digital owner key licence valid for 10 years.

Sclack Keypad with backlit keypad.

System can be used outdoors.

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